3D Printing – But For Electronics!

The Lunar 1 is a Desktop Circuit Board Printer. You no longer have to wait weeks for your prototype to arrive from over-seas or spend $$$ to have you circuit board manufactured domestically, you can now prototype your idea at home in 30 minutes – cheaply and conveniently!


smart temperature controlled copper etching tank

The descent.

After printing your prototype, wash then finalize your prototype Apollo 1 module. Apollo is a smart temperature controlled with a unique motorized spraying system to chemically etch your prototype at record speeds. It communicates with Spirit to achieve this optimal etching time for your prototypes, as the final step in getting a prototype with copper traces.




Software gerber gcode windows


Control the Lunar 1 with Spirit, an elegant and simple way to getting your prototypes faster. Spirit loads any Gerber format files, and converts it to a language that Lunar 1 understands, getting you closer to your finalized prototype!


Lunar 1.

The final frontier for rapid prototyping in the world of electronics is here. Meet Lunar 1, Prinsta’s flagship desktop circuit board printer. Load your Gerber design files in Spirit, then press print.  Circuit board production has never been easier.


Multi functional print head

Lock and Load.

Featuring a multi-functional print head that allows you to print, drill, pick – place, solder dispense and more.