The Fourth Industrial Revolution, an imminent step into mankind’s next frontier.

Manufacturing will no longer require mass production to meet margin targets — the impact on local environments and economies will not be subtle. Transcontinental trade routes will become local trade routes. The next Industrial Revolution will invert globalization into localization.

This Industrial Revolution, is not new. Its existence began when software development became easier by abstraction and unified standards. It’s distribution became second nature, simply download. Software developed and compiled in a Georgia Tech lab, can be easily distributed and run at MIT. It’s what makes software amazing, its rapid prototyping is natural. Rapid prototyping for mechanical designs was the next evolution in the revolution. 3D printing allows anyone to design, create, and build. It’s impact from R&D at Boeing to personalized critical at Emory labs is priceless. The next advancement in the fourth revolution is in electronics — And that’s where Prinsta fits in. Prinsta is a privately held startup located in Atlanta ,GA and has proprietary technology for rapid production of electronic prototypes.