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desktop circuit board printer

The Game Plan

Prinsta Circuit Board Manufacturing Method

It's really just 1 step.

You feed printer a blank. You hit print. You process. You’re done.


Prinsta Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO)

Okay, you've done step one.

Maybe even the second step, you’ve drawn down and simulated your designs.

Prinsta Circuit Board with breadboard

Step two.

You’ve thrown down all components on your bread board (if your design has no surface mounts — yes, we’ll assume its pre-1990s).

Prinsta Printed


Okay. Bread board works, you digitized it, and printed it.

Prinsta Circuit Board with breadboard


Easy, peasy, you’ve just breezed it — doesn’t rhyme 🙁

So to summerize

This is what you get.

Prinsta Circuit Board Printer Features

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